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Along with its legal predecessors,

the Group has operated on the

construction market for over

60 years. Under various business

names and in various legal forms,

the Group has gradually grown

into one of the best modern

companies in the Czech Republic

and Slovakia. Skanska a.s. acquired

a majority interest in the Group

in 2000.

The sole shareholder of Skanska a.s.

is Skanska Kraft AB that is wholly

owned by Skanska AB. In the Czech

Republic, three companies operate

independently of the Group:

Skanska Property Czech Republic,

s.r.o (part of Skanska Commercial

Development Europe AB), Skanska

Reality a.s. (part of the Residential

Development Poland and the

Czech Republic group) and several

special-purpose companies of

Skanska (Special Purpose Vehicle).

1. Corso Court, Prague

2. Passage through the Plzeň junction

in the direction of III Railway Transit


3. R7 multi-level intersection Droužkovice –

multi-level intersection Nové Spořice

4. Fiberetx Svitavy

5. Expressway R4 Košice–Milhosť

6. Residential complex Jégeho Alej III,








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