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Our newly defined values embody,

protect and develop our corporate

culture. They express

who we are, how

we behave and what we believe in


Care for Life 

We value life. We work safely or not at all. We are mindful of all

dangerous situations. We maintain our health, we care about

the environment and we promote green solutions. We manage

our operations in an environmentally friendly way. We behave

responsibly towards future generations.

Commit to customers 

We help our customers to succeed in their business. We try to

understand their needs and the needs of their clients. We are here

to help them transform their visions into reality. The customer is our

first priority.

Act ethically & transparently 

We do business honestly and transparently. We adhere to our Code

of Conduct and never accept any “shortcuts”. We develop a work

environment where everyone can freely express their opinion.

Be Better – Together 

We want to improve in everything we do. We are a company that is

constantly learning and sharing its expertise. We are proud of our

quality and innovation. Together with customers and partners we

create teams as One Skanska. We employ diversity to achieve the best

results. We develop a friendly culture allowing us to be mutually

open and fair, trusting and respectful.